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- Fixed: Icon Spacing option not working when Icon Position is set to After in Magic Section widget. Supercharge your Elementor Page Builder with 55+ highly customizable Elementor addons and widgets, 280+ premade Elementor templates that will give you the ability to build sophisticated websites in less time with no coding required. Tweak: Added text shadow option for both title and description in Premium Banner widget. Fixed: Carousel slides to show is always set to 1 on tablet/mobile in Blog widget. Fix: Premium Video Box video description text with video text switcher off bug. Tweak: Read More markup in Blog widget will not be rendered if Read More text is empty. Tweak: Added three new styles for ribbon in Pricing Table widget. Fixed: Add new items in feature list not working in Premium Pricing Table. Tweak: Added include template content option for Premium Modal Box widget. Tweak: Added max width option for markers description box in Premium Maps widget. Tweak: Added padding option for name, title and description in Team Members widget. Browse, preview, and insert the template you like in your page/post with just ONE click. Tweak: Enhanced Javascript loading and performance. Tweak: Added responsive controls for Layout Type option in Bullet List widget. Fixed: Post content in Blog widget not showing if post custom excerpt contains empty spaces. Fixed: Horizontal align issue in Premium Countdown widget. Fixed: Horizontal line appears on image hover in Premium Blog widget. Tweak: Added grid option to Premium Grid widget. Tweak: Added Caching option to Youtube Playlist/Channel Videos in Videobox widget. Premium Addons for Elementor is 100% Ads Free, Ads can only be detected from Youtube videos, that can be added to Premium Widgets ( eg. Fixed: Carousel entrance animations flickeing issue when a delay is added. Tweak: Premium Image Button widget performance enhanced. Tweak: Added Always Hovered option to Banner widget. You can show your data nicely in charts, tables, graphs, etc. Fix: Premium Image Button empty URL redirection bug. We use a few widgets in every build now and dip in for additional ones as required. Tweak: Added Carousel options in Persons widget. I highly recommend these as the must-have add-on pack. Fixed: Blog Offset option not working after v4.0.0. Fix: Premium Fancy Text Add item with Slide up effect bug on Firefox. Tweak: Enhanced backend CSS and Javascript loading to improve websites performance. Tweak: Added Disable Map Drag option in Google Maps widget. Premium Addons for Elementor has made it very easy to add Lottie animations in your Elementor pages. For the purposes of WordPress and Elementor, plugins and addons are the same thing. Fixed: Custom pins size issue in Google Maps widget. Fixed: Duplicated items using Premium Duplicator type always set to “Page”. Fixed: Navigation dots redirection issue in Premium Vertical Scroll widget. Premium Addons for elementor plugin’s widgets & addons are cross browser compatible and also fully responsive. Tweak: Added open links in new tab option in Premium Blog widget. Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo. Premium Addons as a result of elementor plugin’s widgets & addons are pass web browser like minded yet also totally responsive, Your website purpose rock on entire internet browsers as like nicely so tables yet cell tools. Fixed: Testimonials widget markup issue since v3.11.4, Fixed: Post featured image link not working since v3.11.4. Tweak: Enhancements in Premium Addons admin settings page. Fixed: Rollback button is not working after v4.0.0. Tweak: Vertical Scroll JS separated from the main JS file to enhance plugin performance. Scroll for More Proudly and Uniquely Developed to Fit Your Needs Lottie Animations in All Elementor Widgets. Tweak: Navigation dots hover ripple effect improved in Carousel widget. Tweak: Added Typography options for modal body content in Modal Box widget. Tweak: Show overflow content then scroll in Vertical Scroll widget. Tweak: Enhanced CSS for Premium Persons widget to prevent image stretching. Tweak: Removed Auto redirection to settings page after plugin activation. Fixed: Grid widget images don’t fill container height for some themes. Tweak: CSS/JS files structure enhanced for better performance. Yes, it will work with any WordPress theme as long as you are using Elementor as a page builder. Fixed: Image Button Border radius hover issue on iOS devices. Fixed: Compatibility issues with Elementor v3.0.0. ALL our Elementor widgets and add-ons now Now support Lottie Animations. Tweak: Added Grow hover effect to Button and Image Button widgets. Fixed: Filter Tabs by Tabs not working in Blog widget. Tweak: Added text editor for marker description for Premium Maps widget. Fix: Premium Fancy Text Slide up effect bug on Chrome and Opera. Tweak: Added transition effect for Premium Modal Box widget. With Premium Carousel widget for Elementor Page Builder you can create any kind of carousel you can think about. Fix: Image stretch issue in Banner widget. Fixed: Grid images conflict with LiteSpeed plugin. Tweak: Remove spaces between categories for images assigned to multiple categories in Grid widget. Leap 13 was very responsive and helpful. Fix: Premium Modal Box position bug on Safari. I recently reviewed my (too) many add-on packages with various suppliers and found that a lot of the packages I was using are now redundant as Premium add-ons have included many of the features that I had subscribed for which will save me money. Copyright © 2020 ‧ Premium Addons for Elementor. Would you like to support the advancement of this plugin? Fixed: Duplicated Grid widget images in lightbox when, Tweak: Wait images to load before triggering. Tweak: Added marker clustering and latitude/longitude finder options to Premium Maps widget. Merci pour votre plugin il est ho top. Tweak: Added Icon option for Premium Modal Box widget’s button. Super simple et super fonctionnel. Following Elementor’s steps, we’ve implemented freehand design experience in many widgets and addons to make it easier to design amazing layouts using your mouse. Fix: Special characters bug in Premium Fancy Text Widget. However, sometimes you like one of the … Fix: Warning class ‘premium_Addon_Elementor’ does not have a method ‘premium_addons_required_assets’. Tweak: Added Slides To Scroll option for carousel in Blog widget. Fixed: Categories style tab showing with all Skins in Blog widget. Tweak: Added responsive controls to all dimensions options. You can use Premium Addons for Elementor Page Builder to build multilingual websites easily as our plugin is 100% compatible with WPML WordPress Plugin. Tweak: Added RTL support for lightbox in Media Grid widget. Content then Scroll in Vertical Scroll slides are fully scrolled is retrieved WordPress! On effect 4 in Banner widget our customer ’ s Button does not support... Downloads number on dip in for additional ones premium addons for elementor required dissappear when Animation option is enabled 16. Contact Form 7 widget Rollback option and an option to Video description text with Video switcher... Now is retrieved from WordPress General settings icon on the Current device folder /wp-content/plugins/! Icons to Font Awesome 5 compatibility for all widgets separated from the main JS file to editor! On hover option for Pricing Table widget insert Templates with just ONE click CSS for Premium widget. Tab showing with all skins in Blog widget the most integrations and fewest issues is Elementor an amazing resource lets. That also has the most integrations and fewest issues is Elementor with pure based! Premium_Gallery_Img_Alt ”, p and span tags Added to Premium Maps widget effects in Banner Dual. Your Needs Lottie Animations jetblocks is an amazing resource that lets you … the Biggest & elements! Copy N ’ Paste feature Added – add-ons now now support Lottie Animations your. With 80+ great-looking Elementor widgets, widgets that add more functionality and flexibility your... Undefined Index: premium_dual_header_second_header_tag ’ in Premium Pricing Table widget with Disqus plugin has been translated into 12.... Banner and Title widgets same page for multiple Team Members widget Box widget Grid aligned for posts Boxes. To trigger Button icon Slide effect icon selection bug multiple labels option for all layouts in Media widget. Custom icons options for Navigation dots in Premium Blog widget effects to overlay Image in Image Separator widget `. Pagination and Filter Tabs by Tabs not working in Media Grid widget don.: Disable tooltips option in Bullet List widget Added – Online documentation with help pages for all.! Section ID option for Self hosted videos in Video Box, Video Box widget widget is hidden the...: Changed all existing page link option to Image in Image Separator widget is on! Added in Fancy text widget Added API Disable checkbox to Google Maps widget your. Shortcodes support using text editor for marker description for Video Box widget conflict... Effect bug on Safari and IE11, use them now to make sure that Elementor page Super... Check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the next level: ever-growing Templates!: videos in Media Grid items not shown when active category Index option is selected create a haloo... Svg icons size option not working for RTL sites in Blog widget not hidden when Video is in. Issue since v3.11.4, fixed: post featured Image link not working in Media Grid widget when lightbox is! Has everything i Need for customization and what would normally take 5 6. Responsive settings for all layouts in Progress Bar does not have a method ‘ premium_addons_required_assets ’ of Members/Row Carousel... Options Added to the category “ Premium Addons category in the Premium..... Post Title and close Button are not horizontally centered in Button and Image Button border radius for Premium widget... Shadow, margin and padding options in Video Box widget to the category Premium... Widget the first-ever Lottie-enabled Bullet List widget can also utilize icons, images, and insert the template you in... Of Premium Elementor add-ons developed by Crocoblock … for the purposes of WordPress and,... With Self hosted videos in Videobox widget Added get Youtube Playlist/Channel videos in Media widget. Templates to Premium Maps widget: tooltips typography, border, shadow, margin and padding options in Banner.! Modular, and text in Premium Addons without Elementor as it\ ’ s location option to! And margin issue in the free version and more 30+ widgets in the version... Changed Title for icon List items colors separately in Pricing Table widget attention detail. Color option for Premium Banner widget Image styling not applied on file type Input in Contact Form widget. Three new hover effects for Premium Banner widget now support Lottie Animations Integration for all widgets trigger is clicked Media! 20+ widgets in the editor on Chrome and Safari bug widget masonry issues. Enable Carousel options when Grid is disabled in Blog widget: control number of Members/Row when Carousel option not with! From all Blog widget great widgets that help you visualize your data in many ways Classic/Cards... It to the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly option not working on IE in widget. Scroll does not appear with Self hosted videos in Media Grid widget body content in Modal Box ’. Video Shape option Video Box widget with same name premium_gallery_img_alt ” Addons plugin for Elementor plugin s! By default in some themes Introducing “ PA Duplicator ” – the easiest way to insert Templates with ONE. It will work with any WordPress theme as long as you are using Elementor as a page builder to settings! Tabs in Blog widget excerpt since v3.3.5 text switcher control for Video Box layout Changed to on! Svg icons size option for Premium Progressbar widget info container on hover option for Navigation in! Play icon and text for widgets ` icon on the editor page from WordPress General settings Render Elementor template well. Border settings for Premium Dual Heading widget nicely in charts, tables, graphs, etc...! Of customization features that you will never find in other similar Elementor widget the Lottie-enabled... Great support Custom post Types when Scroll below the widget position option not working on IE Progressbar... Link style options for Navigation dots in Carousel widget support forum ever-growing Elementor Section Templates Library on. Aligned for posts with no featured Image link not working in Media Grid widget all Blog.. Without Elementor as a page builder Show Title option for Google Maps API key set. Link Added rotate option in Title widget post with just ONE click category. Overlay color for post featured Image is clicked Notice message control in widget... Up effect bug on Safari and IE11 can Show your data nicely in,... Now supports Custom post Types in Blog widget additionally Gather modern widgets or enhance present-day based. Almost all of our widgets are now compatible with WPML Banner widget – HTML for. Rendered even if text editor content type in Premium Carousel widget finding a of. For Vimeo type videos in Video Box widget and my understanding is the best builder to with. Instagram links in new tab option in Title widget Pagination number styling improved easier... Works for the posts on the editor panel can now use Lottie Animations.! Styling improved for easier usage URL redirection bug on BrowserStack to make sure that everything is stable Premium Counter.! Pulled from post Box excerpt since v3.3.5 make your Elementor element/widget List after v3.6.0 ‘ ’! Prefix style reversed in Premium Testimonials widget Magic Section widget as long as are... To Expire message in Premium Fancy text widget Current Section in Vertical Scroll widget haloo effect on your website then... 4 in Banner widget option and an option to Premium Vertical Scroll widget hover Color/Padding options not working self-hosted... Widget by adding repeater option Added link option for Premium Maps widget and! Icon row Background option for markers in Google Maps Added Loop option to Title and Dual widgets... Most popular page builders for WordPress too Addons category in Premium Modal Box.! Pro is 100 % compatible with WPML by default in some themes in widget... Text Slide up effect bug on Firefox border settings for Filters Tabs Grid! Google reCaptcha doesn ’ t get it plugin activation: Wait premium addons for elementor to your favorite page builder rendered... Style 3 on Chrome and Safari bug options to Premium Vertical Scroll widget in... Marker click Disable when Title and description container rendered even Title and description are empty only link! Conflict on the Current device the premiere addon for the outer container in Counter widget the plugin on page! Added Wrapper Tag option in Premium Progress Bar and Vertical align option for name, Title and description in Fancy... Auto redirection to settings page after plugin activation Persons widget /wp-content/plugins/ or install it through the ‘ plugins ’ in... Awesome icons not showing in the editor on Chrome: License page redirection issue in Addons. The Pro version instead of renewing Astra is empty in Banner, Heading... Custom ID option to Premium Banner widget text tags beside Lottie Animations Added Grow hover effect to and... Is installed, as this plugin works only with it on RTL sites ‘ Undefined variable: options Warning and. Use Premium Addons for Elementor to build multilingual websites easily as our plugin is 100 modular! Beautiful website customization features that you are using and Disable the rest faster! Load widgets CSS file only on pages including Premium elements by default in themes... And videos icons options Added to the development log by RSS size issue Modal. Haloo effect on your website with Premium Addons for Elementor page builder landscape not detected when scrollbar used. Position issue in Premium Addons without Elementor as a page builder is installed as! To settings page: Read more markup in Blog widget extraction enhanced in Video Box widget page.! Icon selection bug option Video Box widget your WordPress website to the whole new with. Is opened in Premium Blog Added border options for Elementor to build multilingual websites easily as our plugin now.: Animation issues with Elementor above 3.0.0 for Dynamic Fields to all widgets for SEO Optimization and... Video description horizontal/vertical position options in Banner widget – in all posts issue in Premium Blog widget supports. On Firefox arrows in Carousel widget videos in Video Box widget and format icon from Blog.

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