embed youtube playlist gallery wordpress

The plugin can be handy in case you are hoping to display images, flash, YouTube, or Vimeo videos on your website. The plugin enables you to embed videos to your WordPress site using a shortcode. It is a completely responsive, video player plugin that is customizable to the core. You also get the option to sort your playlist using the flexible video order option, a pagination option to browse the videos, and a convenient search option to, all the videos. You just create a new list in the WordPress admin, and they will be combined together. It is HTML 5 compatible and offers you many features. The player lets you play all the major video formats including MP4 and others. We’ll wrap the iframe in a div with a class of “vid-container”. The players will give the power in your hands and will let you create a brand out of your content. You can also enter a value for the Maximum Results. There are also options for streaming videos from multiple sources including self-hosted videos. And why not? Support resource from: Videos from playlist; Videos from channel; Videos from username; Videos from list of video ids Embed a YouTube Playlist Using